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Water Drops
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We work with the fastest growing water supplier to UK SME Businesses

More UK businesses are switching their water and sewerage services to our partner than any other water supplier


Collectively SME's have saved over £4 million pounds on their water and wastewater services by switching.


They have made it their priority to look after our customers' water needs through a focus on technology-driven solutions to help you keep doing what you do best without worrying about your water. If you are a business in England or Scotland then switch now!

They supply football clubs, bakeries, chemical manufacturers, hairdressers and even the local pub with clean fresh water whilst taking away the unwanted waste water and we are always looking for ways to help you save.

Well Driller

Save Money

We help all of our customers save money by reducing their tariff rates and offering cheap tariffs.

Our aim is to provide transparency on the rates you pay and what they are used for to help ensure you have confidence that you are getting value for money.

Save Water

We have a range of tariffs designed to suit any business size to help you reduce you save water and reduce your costs and impact upon the environment. These products can come bundled within your tariff and customers on one of our save water tariffs end up spending significantly less through reducing their usage.

Save Lives

Water companies could and should be doing more to help those in the world who do not have access to clean safe water to drink.

For every 250 customers that join we pledge to build a well to give other people a chance at gaining access to clean, safe water that we take for granted

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