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Carbon Reduction

We all know that we have to do more to improve our environmental impact on the planet and we know that there is a lot that we can do to help.


Here at GESW carbon reduction is our top priority. we have been working with business to help find measures that can drastically reduce the carbon footprint of our clients. 


Switching to green energy is just one simple step, also reducing consumption is yet another way to improve but what about the other aspects of your business? How can you reduce still further?


If you are a large user we have all the tools at our disposal to help your business cut costs whilst moving towards carbon neutrality. We can install measuring equipment to better understand how you consume and give a detailed analysis and recommendations to lower consumption by up to 30%.


Why Carbon Offset?

Carbon offsetting is a way to reduce the emissions that you can’t. It both helps to combat global climate change as well as caring for local communities. In many instances providing much needed employment, health improvement, biodiversity and broad social benefits to impoverished communities.

How to Offset

Carbon offsetting is easy and takes just 3 Steps!

  • Calculate / measure your carbon footprint

  • Start reducing your carbon emissions

  • Offset any remaining or unavoidable carbon emissions via our high quality carbon offset projects.

We take great care with projects for you  - only providing you with the highest quality carbon offset projects that meet the leading international verification standards, suitable for all types of businesses and individuals

What is a Carbon Offset?

A Carbon offset is a way to compensate for your emissions by funding an equivalent carbon dioxide saving elsewhere. Our everyday actions, at home and at work, consume energy and produce carbon emissions, such as driving, flying and heating buildings. Carbon offsetting is used to balance out these emissions by helping to pay for emission savings in other parts of the world.

We offer a range of carbon offset projects to international standards, including the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS), Gold Standard Voluntary Emission Reductions (VER) and Certified Emission Reductions (CER). All of which meet the Quality Assurance Standard for Carbon Offsetting following a footprint calculation on this web site and BSI's PAS 2060 specification on carbon neutrality.

Many of the carbon offsetting projects also provide wider benefits in addition to carbon reduction, such as biodiversity, education, jobs, food security and heath & well-being in developing countries

Calculate Your Carbon Footprint Here