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Go green with your Business Energy 

Greenest Energy South West can help you to have the benefits of a solar system without any capital investment. With our partners, we can provide you with low-cost renewable energy via a Solar Power Purchase Agreement with the energy generated onsite.

With our partners, we can fully-fund, design, and install solar PV panels and provide your business with the electricity through an Energy Supply Agreement.



Greenest Energy South West has access to a dedicated funding vehicle and through our economies of scale, we can offer a reduction in the cost of electricity for your business. This provides your organisation with secure, low cost, renewable energy over 25 years.

Low Cost

Renewable Energy

No Upfront

Costs or outlay

Energy & Price

Stable & Security

Key Benefits

Generate green, renewable electricity, without any initial investment or operational risk

Protection from volatile electricity price rises

The long-term security of electricity supply 

Solar PV Buybacks

We can buy back your existing installed solar PV system, taking away your operational responsibility, whilst selling you low-cost electricity as and when you need it. AMP Clean Energy can buy back schemes from 25kW and upwards with no maximum size.

Why opt for a solar PV buyback scheme?

  • A cash injection for your business to free up finance to use elsewhere

  • Removes responsibility for operation and maintenance

  • Buy low-cost electricity from us based on your usage

Partner with us on our Solar projects

Greenest Energy SW is looking for more partners to work with to develop new projects. If you are a potential customer, an installer, a landlord, or an energy assessor, we would like to help you, or your clients, access reduced cost solar electricity.

Have any questions?

Our team of solar experts can answer any questions that you may have about how using Solar Panels could save your business money and help to offset your carbon footprint. 

Please get in touch with your queries.

Visit us

Suite 3

1-4 The Workshops

Old Mill Lane, Crewkerne

Somerset, TA18 7DX

Image of the Carbon Neutral PAS 2060 Logo, of which Greenest Energy SW is a member of.
Picture of gold award for a Certified Green Energy User, which Greenest Energy SW are.
A Logo for VCS - Verified Carbon Standard - to show that Greenest Energy SW comply with a global benchmark for Carbon.
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