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We are a South West based energy consultancy specialising in renewable and low carbon energy sources.


We work with our clients to reduce and manage energy costs whilst also reducing carbon emissions.


Formerly Market Utilities Group, we began in 2011 with the simple goal of reducing energy costs for our clients. Through the years, we have expanded our services and moved to sustainability practices. Greenest Energy South West was born out of this aim.


We now service over 500 clients within the South West and this number is set to grow year on year. Our vision is to create a benchmark service for our industry offering unparalleled customer service, growth opportunities within our work environment, and ensuring we support the local community. 

Adrian Bennett, Director 

I was born in Exeter and have lived and worked in the South West all my life. I’ve had a varied working history and have been employed in a range of industries including jobs as a labourer, painter and chef to telesales agent, insurance salesman, and energy consultant before finally owning my own company. I have found every sector helped me to build vital skills and knowledge which gave me the confidence to take the plunge and start my own business.


So, armed with a £50 laptop and a telephone line I started making calls and eventually made my very first sale.


We now have over 300 customers, some small and some large but each one equally important. We go above and beyond to gain customer loyalty which has underpinned the success of the business. 


I am a partner to Sarah, and I have two beautiful daughters Molly and Tilly. My family is the driving force behind me which has helped me to succeed and build a strong business over the last 10 years. I am a keen wildlife photographer and enjoy pursuits such as hiking the South West Coast path taking in the beauty of the region we live in.

Stephen Maughan, Independent Energy Broker

I was born in the beautiful village of Shadforth, which is in the northeast of England.


When I left school I worked as an apprentice butcher for three years, then left to work in a factory because the wages were so much better and as an energetic young boy I needed the extra money to enjoy myself. I worked there for five years then left and started a career in Financial Services where I stayed for 30 years.


I spent most of this time as an Independent Financial Advisor for companies in the UK and the United Arab Emirates. As many of us do during a long career in one area I felt I needed a change and thus was introduced to the energy business. I started as a salesman with a well-known company but deep down I wanted to be my own boss again. I met Adrian and the rest they say is history. 


Outside of work I enjoy playing football and keeping fit. I also enjoy going to my local pub for a couple of (hard-earned) beers and often venture out to different restaurants to enjoy some good food. I have a wonderful daughter Sophie who is a music journalist and lives in Birmingham. 

John Robinson, Independent Energy Broker

I was born in Workington, Cumbria and at the age of eight emigrated to South Africa.


After finishing school, I became a trainee buyer with Makro and then I moved onto Anglo American as a buyer. After several years, I became a Financial Broker, dealing with small to medium companies, arranging their finance to expand their business.

After 27 years of living in South Africa, I returned to the UK, with my wife and two children. I worked in Leeds as an Investment Advisor and spent 7 years in Insurance and Investments. I then went to work for British Gas Commercial and then onto Southern Electric (SSE) for several years.


After SSE closed down its commercial sales division, I started as an Independent Commercial Energy Broker,  where I met Adrian from Market Utilities Ltd (now Greenest Energy South West Ltd). That was 10 years ago, and since then we have built-up a predominately ‘Green Energy Business’ with clientele ranging from farmers and independent shops to hotels and restaurants.

Have any questions?

We are dedicated to helping businesses like yours so get in touch today to discuss how we can reduce your energy costs.

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A Logo for VCS - Verified Carbon Standard - to show that Greenest Energy SW comply with a global benchmark for Carbon.
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